Tragic End for Local Barber in Portland Jamaica : A Community in Shock

In a shocking incident that has left the community of Portland, Jamaica, reeling, a local barber's life was abruptly ended in a senseless act of violence. The incident occurred on a quiet Friday night at a barber shop in the White River district of Buff Bay.

The victim, 44-year-old Tysen Delarno Bowen, was in the midst of his craft, trimming a client, when the unimaginable happened. At approximately 7:50 pm, an armed assailant burst into the shop and fired multiple shots, striking Bowen in the neck. The perpetrator then vanished into the night, leaving behind a scene of chaos and despair.

Witnesses and residents, shocked by the violence, hurriedly called the police. Responding officers arrived swiftly, rushing Bowen to the Annotto Bay Hospital. Despite their efforts, it was there that Bowen's journey tragically came to an end, as he was pronounced dead by the medical staff.

The police have since processed the crime scene and are actively pursuing the gunman. As of now, the motive behind this brutal attack remains unclear, leaving the community searching for answers.

Bowen, known and respected in his community, leaves behind a legacy cut short by this tragic event. His death not only marks a loss for his loved ones but also underscores the growing concerns around public safety and gun violence.

The Portland police department is calling on anyone with information to come forward to assist in bringing the perpetrator to justice. In the meantime, the community mourns a life lost too soon and grapples with the reality of violence that has touched one of their own.

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