New York Barber called out by UFC fighter for defending Jon 'Bones' Jones


         The Beef is on. A New York Barber has been called out by UFC fighter Daniel Cormier, for defending his client, UFC fighter Jon 'Bones' Jones.  

         It was announced Wednesday that Jones, who was suspended from UFC last year, will return to face rival Daniel Cormier, the current Light Heavyweight Champion, in July at UFC 214. Not long ago, In 2015, Jones defeated Cormier via unanimous decision, but the title was vacated after Jones tested positive for cocaine.

        Face's Barbershop Owner Joe Becker has been reposting a video on Twitter of Jones giving him a shout out for cutting his hair.  Becker also defends Jones calling him the true UFC Light Heavyweight Champ, and that Jones is going to beat Cormier and take his belt back.

       Wednesday night, Cormier responded to the tweet by threatening to slap Becker and calling him inbred, while calling out Jones for looking high on drugs. He capped it off with the hashtag "#justsayno if only once lol"

       But Becker is still riding with Jones. Becker says he's rooting for Jones because everyone deserves a second chance.

"A lot of people judge Jon Jones because of his past. How many of us are perfect? How many of us can say if we were a millionaire at that age and being thrusted into the spotlight that we wouldn't make the same mistakes? I've made mistakes in my life. I'm a big fan of second chances. This is American, this is the land of opportunity. I believe in him. I hope Jon knocks him out, honestly,” said Becker.




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