Kansas City Chiefs Barber test positive for Covid 19 leading up to Super Bowl

A barber the Kansas City Chiefs brought in to get players fresh for Super Bowl week tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday, jeopardizing the statuses of wide receiver Demarcus Robinson and center Daniel Kilgore’s for the big game.


The barber went through strict testing protocols. He tested negative for five consecutive days before he was allowed to enter the facility, but his Sunday morning rapid test result was “delayed briefly because of a line of friends and family also getting tested.” So the barber was allowed to enter Kansas City’s facility to cut hair before the test result came back.


Kilgore was the first player in line waiting for a haircut and was in the chair when the positive result came back. The Chiefs had 20 other people, including star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and other players and staff members, in line for a haircut.


Kilgore and the barber both were wearing masks and because Kilgore was deemed a close contact, he told the barber to finish. It was initially falsely reported that the Barber was pulled mid cut. Kilgore poked fun at the initial report of the barber getting pulled mid-haircut and changed his profile picture on Twitter Wednesday to join in on the joke.


If both players continue to test negative, they will be able to play in the Super Bowl. If any player tests positive on either the Chiefs or the Bucs from here on, he would be ruled out of the game entirely.

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