Heroic Connecticut Barbers Spring into Action to Save Toddler from Traffic

Heroic Connecticut Barbers Spring into Action to Save Toddler from Traffic

In a heart-stopping moment caught on video, two Connecticut barbers, Osvaldo Lugo and Rafael Santana, leapt into action to prevent a toddler from wandering into busy traffic. The incident, which unfolded outside the Look Sharp Barbershop in East Hartford, was captured on the shop's surveillance and shared on Lugo's Instagram.

The drama began when Santana, who was cutting hair, noticed a small pink blur speeding past the shop's window. "I saw a little girl by herself," Santana shared with TODAY.com. His alertness, sharpened by his experience as a father of four with another child on the way, prompted him to act immediately. Despite the barbershop's jovial atmosphere, his coworkers quickly realized the seriousness of the situation and supported his swift response.

Santana and Lugo, also a father, dashed out of the barbershop and pursued the little girl as she headed straight for a busy intersection. Lugo, thinking only of the child's safety, managed to catch up with her at the crosswalk. "You better get her on time," he recalls thinking to himself during the chase.

Upon rescuing the toddler, Lugo found her mother at a nearby bus stop, unaware of her child's dangerous escapade. After reuniting the frightened child with her mother, the grateful parent was visibly shaken but relieved. The barbers then returned to their waiting clients, their day's routine resuming with a remarkable story to tell.

The local community has since recognized the barbers' heroic actions. East Hartford Mayor Connor Martin presented Santana and Lugo with hero certificates, and the police department praised them in a Facebook post, acknowledging their quick thinking and bravery that prevented a potential tragedy.

Reflecting on the incident, Santana humbly credits their fatherly instincts and timing. "We did this out of love and we'd do it a million times again," he asserts. "We protect and serve our community at all costs." This act of heroism not only saved a life but also highlighted the deep care and vigilance that these men bring to their community every day.



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