Barbershop Dispute Leads to Shooting at Local Strip Mall, Five Injured

Barbershop Dispute Leads to Shooting at Local Strip Mall, Four Injured

A violent outbreak occurred at a strip mall on Cottage Hill Road and Pleasant Valley Circle last Saturday, in Mobile, Alabama, leaving four people injured. The incident began with an argument between two customers at a barbershop, which escalated to gunfire.

The altercation resulted in injuries to both men involved in the dispute, as well as another individual who was present in the barbershop at the time. In a frightening turn of events, a stray bullet also wounded a woman across the street at the Mobile Bay Harley Davidson.

A witness from the Harley Davidson dealership shared a harrowing account, saying, “We were just walking through these gates over here and that’s when the shooting started.” The woman hit by the stray bullet was sitting on a bench in front of the store at the time. The witness quickly came to her aid, recounting, “The girl sitting right over there started screaming, 'I got shot! I got shot!' I ran over to her, and she fell to the ground. So I picked her up and brought her inside. She was bleeding out of her leg.”

All victims of the shooting have been transported to the hospital, though their current conditions remain unknown. This is a developing story, and we will continue to update with more details as they become available.


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