Dramatic Incident in Kingston, New York: Barber Attacked, Suspect Hospitalized After Self-Harm

Dramatic Incident in Kingston: Barber Attacked, Suspect Hospitalized After Self-Harm


In a shocking incident in Kingston, New York a 41-year-old man, Gunercindo Diaz-Diaz, is now in custody after reportedly attacking a local barber with a knife and subsequently attempting to harm himself. Chief Egidio Tinti of the Kingston Police detailed that the altercation occurred on a city street, where Diaz-Diaz was observed threatening his own life with a knife.

A New York State Trooper intervened, attempting to persuade Diaz-Diaz to drop the knife. Despite these efforts, Diaz-Diaz inflicted a minor injury on himself. The trooper resorted to using a taser to safely subdue him, and he was secured with handcuffs until additional police support arrived.

Following the confrontation, Diaz-Diaz was transported to HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley Hospital for his injuries. Around the same time, a 68-year-old employee from a nearby barbershop was discovered with multiple stab wounds to his abdomen, believed to be inflicted by Diaz-Diaz. The victim received emergency surgery and is currently recovering, with expectations of survival.

The connection between the two individuals appears non-existent, as they reportedly did not know each other prior to the incident. An investigation into the motive and full circumstances is ongoing.

After being treated, Diaz-Diaz was discharged from the hospital, arrested, and charged with felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon. He appeared in court on April 26 and was remanded to Ulster County Jail without bail pending further proceedings.

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