Crime boss and his gang kidnapped barber at gunpoint and brutally beat him over claim he ripped them off



Thugs kidnapped and beat a mobile barber at gunpoint after he was wrongly accused of ripping off a drug lord who got his hair styled with him.

Dhayne Facey was lured to a meeting on the pretext of cutting another man's hair then bundled into a Jaguar and frogmarched to the home of Adrian Cameron who suspected the stylist had robbed him.

The 25-year-old was pistol-whipped, interrogated and forced to watch Cameron, 35, load a revolver with six bullets he called 'little soldiers.' 

Cameron - known in Manchester as The Mace - then passed the gun to one of his cronies and demanded he shoot the victim before changing his mind as he did not want to get blood on the floor.

Mr Facey was eventually freed but was warned to be at a barber's shop the following morning to repay Cameron. 

He subsequently went to hospital where he was treated for multiple bruising to his 'smashed up' face before contacting police.

Officers discovered Facey had deliberately left a tissue with his own blood at Cameron's flat as evidence he was there because he feared being 'disappeared.' He is now in hiding.

Cameron, from Levenshulme, and Ricardo Bell, 30, of Heaton Mersey, were jailed for 11 years at Manchester Crown Court.

Bell's uncle Michael Wright, 46, from Salford, got eight-and-a-half years. All were convicted of kidnap and possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear. Each defendant denied wrongdoing.

Azar Mohammed, 34, of Wythenshawe and Usman Rathore, 33, of Old Trafford, were also convicted of kidnap and were each jailed for three years. 

Mr Facey regularly cut Cameron's hair but the pair fell out over the sale of a box of fireworks for Bonfire Night. 

Later one of Cameron's drug runners was robbed of £900 of cocaine and cannabis plus £100 in cash and Facey became the prime suspect due to the earlier fallout.

The crime boss, known locally as 'The Mace', and who rigged his home with CCTV and used it as a base for his drug trafficking operation sent a series of texts to Facey who lived with his mother saying: 'You better move your mum out. Let's see who has the last laugh. 

'Watch what I do to you and your family. You will see - I will get to you and you know it.'

The victim was lured to the meeting with two possible customers only to be attacked and taken to Cameron who was waiting in a nearby Jaguar car on November 2 2017.

Henry Blackshaw, prosecuting said: 'Mr Facey was accused of the robbery but he vehemently denied this, and considered this to be a false accusation. However Cameron told Mr Facey if he was identified as the robber, he would be taken to the moors and shot dead.

Mr Facey was then taken to Cameron's room in order to be interrogated. Cameron's father, who also lived there was told: "This punk robbed us dad." 

'Mr Facey was confronted with a screen which showed CCTV footage of the robbery and in an environment of fear and intimidation, he was being encouraged to confess. Mr Facey told the group he was not the robber but this was met with violence.

'Over the course of approximately two hours, Mr Facey was struck repeatedly at the hands of Cameron, Bell and Wright. and he was struck with a firearm. This weapon was genuine, capable of being fired at him. It was filled with approximately six bullets, referred to as 'little soldiers' to add to the scene of intimidation and fear.

'One of the men was given the gun by Cameron and told to shoot Mr Facey but Cameron then changed his mind, not wanting to get blood on the floor. Mr Facey feared he was going to be killed by these men and used a tissue of his own to mop up his blood, to be left in Cameron's room as evidence that he was there.'

During his captivity, Facey was able to call his mother who heard him say, 'mum, I'm in trouble'. 

He was later dropped at home by Cameron who warned him: 'You are lucky tonight you are not dead - I could have killed you.'

He added: 'Now I know where your mother lives so tomorrow I'm going to see how much you respect your mum. Remember we know where your mother lives - you will know what I'm going to do to your mother when I call tomorrow and you don't answer your phone.'

Police later raided Cameron top floor and seized a CCTV hard drive from his bedroom plus bloodied tissues from a bin. Cameron himself was arrested the following month whilst hiding out a friend's home.

Sentencing Judge Hilary Manley told Cameron: 'This was a planned and coldly executed crime. The effect on Dane Facey is that he has been forced to leave the area and family members. You have displayed a degree of arrogance by believing that you could assert this control within the community.

After the case Det Insp Gareth Davies, of Greater Manchester Police said: 'This was a terrifying ordeal for the victim, who feared for his life when he was attacked and held against his will by these violent men. I hope this result brings him, and the wider public generally, some comfort in knowing these men are now behind bars facing up to their abhorrent actions.'


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