75 Barbers Offer Free Haircuts in Chicago, Call For An End To Violence



75 Chicago barbers came together for the “Barber Shop Cease Fire Movement” on Sunday in Ogden Park in Englewood section of Chicago. They gave free haircuts to kids and seniors.

The barbers used this as an opportunity to spread positive thoughts to the people in their chairs.

“For a lot of us, this is our second tier in life. We messed up things, and now we came to be a barber, and we’re using barbering to lift ourselves up and take us to the next level,” Powell’s Barber Shop owner Sunni Ali Powell said. “We wanted to give that spirit to young people, and inspire them to want more and do more and be positive.”

There was also free food and special performances calling for an end to violence.

The event also promoted barber education and there were several barber colleges on site recruiting new talent.

  A Big thank you to all who participated. We love to see barbers effecting their community and standing up against violence. Your Barber Connect Salutes You. 

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