• $210.99

JRL ONYX Professional Cordless Hair Clipper # FF2020C-B features patented Reset IQ Charge Technology, specially designed to extend battery life and consistently charge to 100% even after prolonged use. It takes 3 hours to charge regularly and 5 hours for Reset IQ Charging. Smart-Clip Technology helps sense blade resistance and rev up the motor speed to avoid dragging or stalling, guaranteeing a consistent cut. It has 2 speed settings - 6,000 & 7,500 RPM - to ensure versatility, with a maximum run time of 5 hours after 3 hours of charge. Cool Blade Technology helps keep the blade cool, and it's interchangeable with professional clipper brands. An LED display shows remaining battery time and accessories include a screwdriver, brush, lubricant oil, blade protector, and 10 comb guards. Reset IQ Charging Dock is also included.