• $245.99

NEW - Babyliss Pro FX Blue Skeleton Trimmer FX787S & Double Foil Shaver FOILFX02 Combo 


FX787 Limited Edition Blue All-Metal Lithium Outlining Trimmer

  • Black Graphite Deep Tooth Blade (FX707B2) with the zero-gap tool included

  • 360' Degree Exposed T-Blade

  • High-Torque, Brushless, Ferrari-Designed 7200 RPM Engine

  • All-Metal Housing

  • Lithium-Ion Battery 2-Hour Runtime

  • Cord/Cordless - Dual Voltage

  • Replacement Blade #FX707B2

FXFS2 Limited Edition Blue All-Metal Cordless Double Foil Shaver

  • Hypoallergenic, Gold Colored Double Foil System

  • All-Metal Housing

  • Powerful Rotary Motor

  • Auto Cover/Shutoff

  • Cord/Cordless Up to 3-Hour Runtime

  • Replacement Foil & Cutter Bar #FXRF2

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