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JRL FASTSWEEP Hair Vacuum – Effortless Floor Cleaning Solution

Streamlined Cleaning for Busy Spaces: The JRL FASTSWEEP is your ultimate partner in maintaining a clean and tidy floor. Always on and prepared, this hair vacuum is designed for quick and convenient cleanup of hair, dust, food, and other debris, making it a favorite in both home and professional settings.

Powerful Performance: Equipped with a robust motor, the FASTSWEEP effortlessly tackles dirt, dust, and debris. With a power option of 500W or 1200W and suitable for various floor types such as wood, tile, laminate, and concrete, it ensures thorough cleaning every time.

Smart Technology for Simplified Use: Integrated infrared sensors detect and target dirt and debris automatically. Choose from two modes to suit your needs: Mode I keeps the infrared sensors continuously active, while Mode II allows for manual control when automatic activation is not needed.

Efficient and User-Friendly: Featuring a bagless 6.8-liter canister, the FASTSWEEP makes emptying debris fast and easy, eliminating the hassle of bag replacement and keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Product Specifications:

  • Canister Capacity: 6.8 Liters
  • Power Options: 500W or 1200W (110-125V~ 50HZ)

Perfect for busy barbershops and professional environments alike, the JRL FASTSWEEP Hair Vacuum simplifies floor cleaning, letting you focus on what truly matters.

Customer Reviews

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I'm impressed. This thing makes cleaning up after a cut a breeze.
The suction is strong, so it picks up hair quickly and efficiently. Plus, it's not too loud, which is great for keeping a relaxed atmosphere in the shop.